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Migraine Study Using Homoeopathy

It’s time to regain your health and help you lose/improve the Migraines!


Are you someone who:

  • has suffered Migraines for years?

  • takes preventative medication and finds no relief from the regular Migraine episodes?

  • Doesn’t get Migraines all the time, but find certain situations can trigger one?

Well, its time to take back control of your health and let Homoeopathy play a part through an individualised tailored treatment.

Migraine symptoms can present as any of the following:

  • Digestive changes; food cravings; mood changes; neck stiffness; increased urination – before a Migraine

  • Bright spots; flashes of light; pins/needles in arms; difficulty speaking; weakness/numbness in the face – before a Migraine

  • Throbbing/pulsing pain in head (one side or both)

  • Sensitivity to light

  • Nausea and/or vomiting

I am offering 10 adults who have suffered from Migraines for over 2 years to take part in this study. 


The study will consist of 4 consultations over a period of 6 months. 


The consultations will be at a reduced fee in exchange for the information to be collated, documented and reported in order to bring awareness to Homoeopathy in helping people with Migraines.


You will also be asked for fortnightly feedback which will be used (anonymously) to bring awareness to Homoeopathy.


How Homoeopathy can help..

This study will use Homoeopathic consultation and remedies to re-balance the body, hormones, physical and emotional health.


This will lead to improved Migraine symptoms.


I am an experienced, registered Homoeopath and I will support you with safe, ethical, effective Homoeopathic care.

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The aim of this study is to:

  • Provide you with Homoeopathic support to help relieve Migraine symptoms and address the cause of the imbalance.

  • Collate and gather information that will be useful to other Migraine patients experiencing similar issues

  • To share the information collated with other Homoeopaths around the world

  • To determine the efficacy and scope of Homoeopathy when used to treat Migraine symptoms.

  • To expand our general Homoeopathic knowledge on how Homoeopathy can be an effective solution for alleviating Migraine symptoms

At the end of the study, you can expect to feel empowered with more information about your condition and to see improvements in your overall health and symptoms*

What the Study involves..

4 Consultations over 6 months via Zoom or Face-to-Face.

After each Homoeopathic consultation, your prescription will be emailed to you, with details of where to purchase the remedies and how to take them.

You will provide feedback by email between consultations about changes that occur on a weekly basis.

The number of participants is limited to 10 and is subject to availability.


To register in the study, please schedule a free discovery call, and then register via the link below.

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Is this study for you?


To participate in the study:

  • You need to be suffering from Migraine symptoms and ready to use Homoeopathy

  • You are ready to explore natural remedies, and willing to purchase and use the Homoeopathic remedies prescribed

  • You are willing to make some changes to your lifestyle if required

  • You are willing to work with me for a minimum of 6 months, and are committed to attending virtual calls or Face-to-Face consultations. The initial consultation is 1.5 hours and the 3 follow-up consultations are 45 minutes each. The follow-up consultations will be on a 4-6 week basis

  • You are happy to provide testimonials during the study and at the end of the study, and are happy for me to use your anonymised case for publication in print, online and in social media

  • You agree to provide feedback on a weekly basis

  • You agree to pay for the consultation prior to each session

If you wish to continue Homoeopathic treatment after the 4 consultations of the study, regular pricing minus 20% will apply.

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