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ACUTE OR CHRONIC Conditions.....Confused??

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

I know, it can be confusing! As a Homoeopath, when we investigate a patient’s case, one of the first things we ascertain is whether the presenting condition is an ACUTE condition or a CHRONIC condition. You’re probably wondering why??

Well there’s a couple of reasons, but first lets talk about what is the difference between the two types of illnesses?

ACUTE: The illness is short-lived, often comes on quickly, can be severe in symptoms and changes rapidly e.g. cold, cough, diarrhoea, fever.

ACUTE conditions can often be helped with home-prescribing, however, if you find well chosen remedies are not helping, then its time to call the Homoeopath.

If you're experiencing an ACUTE condition, we'll take the symptoms of your illness that you are experiencing, along with the accompanying mental, emotional & physical symptoms that are all present at the time. In acute conditions, we don't usually look at the patient's medical history.

CHRONIC: Illness develops over a period of time. There are symptoms that the patient has been experiencing for over a month, or the Homoeopathic remedy hasn't kept the symptoms away e.g. arthritis, diabetes, insomnia.

During Chronic Case Taking however, we will delve deeper into those Mental, Emotional & Physical symptoms, more-so than in acute case taking. We'll investigate the patient's past medical and personal history in order to ascertain a true picture of the whole case which then helps us to find the best matched remedy.

If you'd like to discuss how Homoeopathy maybe able to help, feel free to click on the link for a FREE 15min chat

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