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Has the Hayfever got hold of you?

Are you set for Hayfever season?? Or maybe it's caught you off guard this year and your not sure which remedy to start with first?

Lets have a look at some of the well-known remedies for Hayfever that could be helpful for you:

ALLIUM CEPA (Common Red Onion):

Think of all the runny/burning eyes symptoms you get from when you peel an onion....well, there's your Allium Cepa symptoms!

  • Burning Nasal Catarrh

  • One-sided (only one nostril may stream)

  • Profuse; watery

  • Eye inflammation

  • Watering eyes; discharge doesn't burn eyes

  • Headache

  • Sneezing

  • Sore Throat

  • Worse in a warm; stuffy room

  • Better for fresh air


Well known as a great Hayfever remedy, Euphrasia differs from Allium Cepa in that it has burning discharge from the eyes and NOT the nose - opposite to Allium.

  • Watery nasal catarrh (doesn't burn)

  • Throat may also burn

  • Burning eye discharge; watery

  • Eyes sensitive to light

  • Eyelids burning; red; swollen

  • Worse for coughing; for light; for wind


  • Burning; dry eyes

  • Eyelids puffy; red

  • Burning nasal catarrh; profuse; watery

  • Frequent sneezing

  • Area under the nose becomes red & sore from the burning discharge

  • Right nostril can be more affected

  • Burning discharge may be blood-streaked

  • Lips may become so badly cracked, they bleed

  • Worse on waking

  • Better for heat; hot drinks


  • Watery eyes

  • Nasal catarrh drips down back of throat; profuse; white - resembles egg-white

  • Watery nasal discharge alternating with blocked up nose

  • Loss of smell; loss of taste

  • Bitter; salty taste; dry mouth with large thirst

  • Lips dry & cracked

  • Dislikes consolation

  • Desires to be alone


  • Hayfever beginning with burning & itching of palate and conjunctiva. Try to scratch palate with their tongue

  • Burning & itching in auditory canal

  • Sneezing, itching of nostrils

  • Loss of smell

  • Pain at root of nose

If however, Hayfever is something you find yourself having to deal with year-in-year-out, then this is an indication its become a "Chronic" Condition for your body.

What do I mean by a Chronic Condition? A Chronic Condition is referred to as any long-standing illness where symptoms have been present for more than 4 weeks, any recurring symptoms from year to year or any symptoms where the recovery has not been "held" by well-prescribed Homoeopathic medicines.

When your body is experiencing a Chronic Condition, it's trying to tell you that things aren't quite "in-balance" and it needs some help. This is where Homoeopathy comes into play. A Chronic Homoeopathic medicine is then required to work on a "deeper" level for your body in order to establish balance again.

If you'd like to discuss how Homoeopathy can help your Hayfever symptoms, please feel free to book in for a FREE 15min chat with me by clicking on the button below.

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