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Have the COUGH's started in your house?

If it's "cough" time of year in your household, you might want to read up so you're ready for the onslaught!

Cough's can sometimes be pretty hard to find a remedy to match, especially when there's so many Cough remedies in the Materia Medica. So, we have to start looking a bit further into the cough and how the patient is presenting. Here's some questions you may want to think about:

  • Firstly, try and ascertain if its a dry or a loose cough.

  • If it's a loose cough, are they able to "cough" up the phlegm or does it seem to be "stuck". Where is it stuck eg the lungs or the throat?

  • What's the colour of the phlegm if it does come up?

  • Have a think about when the cough is at its worst?

  • What makes it worse eg movement, lying down, talking.

  • And at the same time what makes it feel better? Do they want to just lie still and hold their chest or do they just become really restless.

  • What's their thirst like?

  • Most importantly, what's their temperament like? eg wants to be left alone, wants company, child is clingy, scared, irritable

These are all questions you can ask yourself which can help narrow down your choices.

In addition to the remedies listed below, you could also have a look at:

ACONITE: Dry, hoarse cough that can be irritating, short, tickling. Patients breathing is fast with shortness of breath. Especially worse after being exposed to a cold, dry wind. Patient is often fearful, anxious, frightened.

WORSE: At night; during fever; dry, cold air.

ARSENICUM: Dry cough at night, exhausting, hacking, loose. Difficulty in breathing, fast & wheezing. Tickling in the larynx. Copious mucus, frothy, tastes salty. Sweating. Cough can be loose or dry, more often dry at night. Patient prefers to lie down, but propped up with pillows underneath their shoulders.

Patient can be angry, anxious especially at 3am. Desires company and worries they'll never get well again. Restless mentally & physically.

BETTER: For hot drinks.

WORSE: For cold; cold drinks; fresh air; during the evening; lying down; after midnight (may wake up coughing 1-2am), at night during fever.

DROSERA: Barking, deep cough. Dry at night. Violent fits of coughing, hacking, irritating, suffocative. Breathing is fast and difficult. Patient can feel tickling in the larynx, pain in chest - will hold chest with hands to cough. Nosebleeds can also be present, along with blue face, hoarse voice, retching & vomiting of mucus. Can be useful for coughs that develop after measles.

Patient can be anxious.

BETTER: For pressure.

WORSE: After midnight, after drinking, for lying down, for talking.

KALI SULPH: Rattling, whooping cough. Mucus is hard for the patient to cough up, has to swallow what does come up. Often the mucus is yellow and thick. The tongue can also be coated yellow.

Patient can be angry, anxious especially when indoors or overheated; irritable.

WORSE: At night, warm room.

If you'd like to learn more about how Homoeopathy can help in cough conditions, feel free to click on the link below for a FREE 15min chat about Homoeopathy .

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